Piracy of products / Check the Original

Attention! ELKALUB gives warning of fake lubricant LA 8P

Caution should be exercised: Currently there are circulating fakes of the ELKALUB special chain lubricant LA 8. Whereas ELKALUB products distinguish themselves by strict quality standards, this is definitely not the case with the plagiarism in question originating from China.

Distinguishing marks

There is a remarkable resemblance in form and design of the fakes and the ELKALUB originals. Unfortunately it is therefore not possible to distinguish fake and original from their outward appearance. In order to make a distinction possible for you, ELKALUB has revised the packaging design. Significant new characteristics are as follows:

  • Quality seal “Check the Original” on label with indication of website
  • Smaller screw cap
  • Bevelled handle-side
  • Chemie-Technik’s (ELKALUB’s) manufacturing address is no longer indicated on the front side
  • Lubricant program reference appears left-justified at the bottom

How can you protect yourself?

Please pay attention to the new packaging and especially to the quality seal "Check the original" on the label. Since old packaging of the original ELKALUB product are still in circulation, you should only purchase from our authorised specialist dealers.

Please feel free to contact us in case of doubt. If you have any questions, please address yourself to info@elkalub.com.

New Design

With smaller cap

New bag with smaller opening (picture right)